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Hi there! This is my personal blog I run for fun and to show some of my photos. If you like it, please post a comment. Enjoy the pictures but please remember, they are all copyright protected and I'd politely ask you to respect that. If you'd like to use a photo, just drop me a line or post a comment and I'll get back to you. Thanks for stopping by!


Silver Lining

Every cloud has a silver lining, and photographers know this perhaps more than most people. With a little effort even a grey sky can become beautiful, in fact, some of them are more wonderful to look at than a clear blue sky with nothing in it – which is, quite frankly, rather boring from my perspective.

Always look for the silver lining

Life can be a bit like that too. Something bad happens and we look at what we have lost, not at what we have left, and certainly not what amazing new things the future will bring. The unknown is scary, and like these clouds, uncertain.

Make the most of what you have now, and afterwards, make the most of that too.

In the blood

Photography has always been a relaxation for me. Well, not when I worked as a Pro, but certainly when I was photographing for my own pleasure. For four decades from the age of 11, walking around with a camera and looking at the world with different eyes has soaked up more time more pleasurably than nearly anything else could have done for me. I enjoy landscapes best, and that’s what I have mostly posted on this site.

Photography’s in my blood. It was in my father’s blood too, although interior design and film were perhaps more his cup of tea. My children too all show talent in this fascinating and absorbing subject. But this site is about my photography. Enjoy the pics!

First post the past

My photography began with a Kodak Instamatic 126 when I was 11 years old. I took loads of photos with it – but could rarely afford to have them developed! Dixons at the time were running a special free film promotion. Walk in to any branch and ask for a free print film and they’d just hand one over – you were expected of course to take it back to them for developing and printing, but 11 year olds don’t have much money. At least, I didn’t.¬†Somewhere, amongst all of my many boxes from many moves over the years some of my original photos exist somewhere. Finding them would be great, but I really hid them in the safest of safe places!

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